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The time has come...

On Thursday, April 9th, Mental Mark was talking with his "doctor" and reached a conclusion. Due to the fact that Mental Mark has to think about working more hours in order to save up some cash, he must resign his position in HFW, Hardcore Fucking Wrestling. Thats right, Mental Mark must move on to bigger and better things, look forward to starting his new life, find an apartment, attend college, work, and spend more time with his other. No more having to worry about Mark arriving late, you can all just go ahead and start without him, and have no worries. I forwarned you that this day would come, I just didn't plan on it to arrive this soon.

I would like to thank Death and Deranged for giving me some of the most memorable matches I've ever had, and I want to wish all of you in the HFW the best of luck in succeeding.

Good luck and God bless!

-Mental Mark and Doctor Dave-
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