Peachez (peaches_90) wrote in h_f_w,

HFW 06-04-06 Peach Tree

J Cred vs Chubzilla: KotR Match
Winner: J Cred

HellRaizer vs Cool Ethan: KotR Match
Winner: HellRaizer

Mike Morey vs Dave Morey: KotR Match
Winner: Dave Morey

Peachez vs J-Free: KotR Match
Winner: Peachez

Deranged vs Cra-Z Carl vs Peachez vs Border Hoppin Billy: Fatal 4-way Elimination
Winner: Deranged

30 minutes Hardcore Invatational
Winner: Akuma

Death's Destruction(Deranged/J Cred) vs HellRaizer(since CZC is a bitch and wouldnt camera Peachez had to do camera and could not help HellRaizer) vs The Chain Gang vs Tenacious 2-Some: 4-way Tag Team Ladder Match
Winners: The Chain Gang*

*I went over the tape and the rules were; If one person gets a title their team wins and J-Free was the 1st person to get a title

See ya in 2 weeks!


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