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Dark night of my soul

Hey HFW,

Once again for those who forgot, this is Richard from the RWF in Monroe, MI.  Just to let you know, my friend Joel (Icepac) and I are still interested in the operations of your league, and we both hope to strike a deal to work together for this 2006 season.  For the past couple of months ending with our last show on October 30, 2005, Joel and I have been busy with a cumbersome school schedule and burdened by cold weather and financial poorness.  In addition to that, the RWF went on a hiatus during the months of November and December, because Joel was having family problems that led to him moving out.  He has no internet at this time, but he and I got together to discuss our upcoming season.  We have moved our operations from Lincoln Park back to Monroe, since our Lincoln Park arena was in the backyard of the place that Joel no longer lives. 


We have planned our first show, Reign of Tyranny (tentative title), for the first week in May, and we plan to perform our shows at least once a month until the end of the year.  By saying that, we still have the prospect of traveling to one of your shows and vice versa.  This month may not be good for me, as I’m going to be out of town on the 15th, and Sunday’s are really looking to be a bad day for me for awhile concerning preexisting plans.  But, as weather warms up, and I lose the desire to go to school for this semester, I plan to have a lot of free time.  Which reminds me, do you do all your shows on a Sunday?  I keep in touch regularly with Peaches through AOL, and we continue to update each other on our leagues and information therein.  In regards to that, our next show isn’t until May, but planning has already begun in order to make this show our best one.  Information (and an awesome layout by me) on our next show can be seen on our Upcoming Events page, to the music of Fear Factory’s “Timelessness.”  It also features a collage of historical tyrants, all relating to Commissioner Flint and his takeover of the federation.  I have been working extensively in my little free time to further update the site and its bio-pages. 


I look forward to the new season. 



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