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[28 Sep 2006|06:29am]

Alright guys, all of our results will be posted as bulletins(or blogs, not sure yet) on Myspace so add it then you can look at some sweet pics, & check out the myspaces of HFW wrestlers.
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son of a bitch [12 Jun 2006|09:18pm]

HFW...has been pushed forward a week since the Cruise is Saturday and I have to spend the day with my asshole father Sunday....

I'm pissed and I apologize. So...my dates will be pushed a week back or 2 due to this push-back.

So unfortunately I will see you guys in a week from Sunday =(


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HFW 06-04-06 Peach Tree [04 Jun 2006|03:56pm]

J Cred vs Chubzilla: KotR Match
Winner: J Cred

HellRaizer vs Cool Ethan: KotR Match
Winner: HellRaizer

Mike Morey vs Dave Morey: KotR Match
Winner: Dave Morey

Peachez vs J-Free: KotR Match
Winner: Peachez

Deranged vs Cra-Z Carl vs Peachez vs Border Hoppin Billy: Fatal 4-way Elimination
Winner: Deranged

30 minutes Hardcore Invatational
Winner: Akuma

Death's Destruction(Deranged/J Cred) vs HellRaizer(since CZC is a bitch and wouldnt camera Peachez had to do camera and could not help HellRaizer) vs The Chain Gang vs Tenacious 2-Some: 4-way Tag Team Ladder Match
Winners: The Chain Gang*

*I went over the tape and the rules were; If one person gets a title their team wins and J-Free was the 1st person to get a title

See ya in 2 weeks!


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[26 May 2006|10:57pm]

Alright gentlemen of thee HFW, I want to see how many people will be able to make it this Sunday for a Peach Tree show. Flare of Hostility has been moved to June.

July's main show has no name yet and no match card

August will be The 3rd Invasion!!!!! where rivalrys will be relived and new ones will begin!

Just leave a comment or hit me up on AIM telling me if you can come or not

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new videos! [04 May 2006|11:07pm]

Hu-rah! I have made some HFW tapes. I have Tears of Agony(06), Redemption(06), and New Year's Bash(06). If you would like a copy it will be $3, all money will go towards HFW of course, it costs money because I have to buy tapes....but if you supply a tape then its free.

On the 7th...we will have the 1st round of the KotR. I will let you know the matches when Sunday comes

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new entrance songs [15 Apr 2006|12:18am]

If anyone would like a new entrance song leave a comment with artist and song name in quotes

If not then dont leave a comment

Thank you for your time,
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The time has come... [10 Apr 2006|10:31pm]

[ mood | sad ]

On Thursday, April 9th, Mental Mark was talking with his "doctor" and reached a conclusion. Due to the fact that Mental Mark has to think about working more hours in order to save up some cash, he must resign his position in HFW, Hardcore Fucking Wrestling. Thats right, Mental Mark must move on to bigger and better things, look forward to starting his new life, find an apartment, attend college, work, and spend more time with his other. No more having to worry about Mark arriving late, you can all just go ahead and start without him, and have no worries. I forwarned you that this day would come, I just didn't plan on it to arrive this soon.

I would like to thank Death and Deranged for giving me some of the most memorable matches I've ever had, and I want to wish all of you in the HFW the best of luck in succeeding.

Good luck and God bless!

-Mental Mark and Doctor Dave-

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Ladies and Gentlemen.... [03 Apr 2006|07:14pm]

[ mood | Anxious/Excited ]

Ladies and Gentlemen, boy & girls! HFW has returned!!!!! Our redebuting show will be on the 23rd!

No offense to the Mental one in anyway but HellRaizer and I will do story lines due to the fact we never know the matches and Mark has been busy with other things.

A reminder to DaDavid: Bring the titles and if you cant make it give them to someone who can get them here.

I would like to train some people the Friday we get out Spring Break....Border Hopper Billy, Cra-Z Carl, Tons of Fun, Chubzilla and whoever else. I would like Dave Morey to be there so him and myself can show them the moves.

I would like everyone to be there before or @ noon. I am anxious for our return and I would like you all to try and bring friends...this "new era", if you will, shall start with a bang!

-The IC Champion, Peachez
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HFW Redemption [26 Mar 2006|08:03pm]

HellRaizer vs Mr. Isanity vs Cra-Z Carl vs Peachez
Fatal 4-way Legend Invational Ladder Match
-Winner: Peachez

J Cred(c) vs Mr. Insanity
Singles Match* for the US Title
-Winner: J Cred
*: Was a Ladder Match but decision was reversed and made a singles match

Mike G(c) vs Vuch
Singles Match for the HC Title
-Winner: Mike G

Akuma & Death(c) vs Mr. Insanity
Handicap Tag Match for the TT Titles
-Winners: Akuma & Death

*****: Mr. Insanity has decided to be a loser and join Death's Destruction.

It's a shame we have come to an end, everyone please try your hardest to find us a new place to wrestle.
I hope we find a place asap

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HFW Blood, Sweat, and Tears [21 Mar 2006|04:31pm]

Mr. Insanity vs Cra-Z Carl
-Singles Match for the LHW
Winner: Mr. Insanity

Death(c) vs Mike G
-Hardcore Title on the line
Winner: Mike G

Death's Destruction vs J Cred & Tenacious 2-Some vs Peachez, Blaze and Mr. Insanity
-Triple Threat Tag Match, Elimination
Winners: Death's Destruction

Peachez(c) vs Dave Morey
-3 Strikes, You're Out! Match for the IC
Winner: Peachez

Badd Brad(c) vs Mental Mark
-Last Man Standing Match for the Undisputed Championship
Winner: Badd Brad

Matches we will see at the next event, Redemption

-J Cred(c) vs Mike Morey vs Dave Morey
Triple Threat Ladder Match for the US Title

-Badd Brad(c) vs Mental Mark vs Death
Triple Threat Ladder Match for the Undisputed Title

and there are many matches to be added

See ya guys on the 26th ^_^
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HFW Hell's Gate [07 Mar 2006|08:44pm]

Peachez vs Mr. Insanity
-Exhibition Match
Winner: Peachez

Tons of Fun vs Chubzilla
-Exhibition Match
Winner: Tons of Fun

J Cred(c) vs Akuma
-US Title Defense
Winner: J Cred

Akuma/Deranged(c) vs Peachez/J Cred vs Sebastien Dark/Mike Morey vs Mentally Insane
-Tag Team Titles up for grabs, Elmination
Winners: Akuma/Deranged

Mental Mark(c) vs Badd Brad
-Undisputed Championship on the line
Winner: Badd Brad
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HFW THIS Sunday [01 Mar 2006|06:07pm]

Ok seeing how I need HFW to take place this Sunday for a project I'm doin, it's going to take place March 5th(this sunday)

Hope to see you all there ^_^

Thank you for your time
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Update [28 Feb 2006|09:55pm]

Alright, so far I only know which date 6 people have decided on.

March 5th
M. Morey
D. Morey

March 12th

Either day

I can find out Deranged's, CZC's and Tons of Fun's decisions tomorrow

Anyone I didnt mention, leave a comment telling which day you can come by March 3rd

Thank you for your time

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Which date can you make it? [26 Feb 2006|08:48pm]

Seeing how we only had 5 people & 2 matches today wont go down in the books.

HFW Hell's Gate will be either on March 5th or March 12th
Please leave a comment telling me which day you can make it and whichever day more people can make it will be the day. Please comment before March 3rd so I can make a match card on the 4th

Thank you for your time gentlemen

The greatest IC Champ this business has ever seen,
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HFW Update [17 Feb 2006|10:11pm]

The HFW site has bene updated but the site is changed its now http://www.geocities.com/powertoanarchist/index.html because the .tk site let us down. so yeah next update will be after HFW Hell's Gate on Feb. 26th. Thank you for your time.
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HFW New Year's Bash results [13 Feb 2006|06:44pm]

Mental Mark(c) vs Deranged
-Kendostick match for the U Title
Mike Morey called the match a draw and let both men enter in the Bash later that night

Mike Morey(c) vs Dan Palmer
-Ladder Match for the LHW Title
Winner: Dan Palmer

Jay Cred(c) vs Ethan vs Chubzilla
-Triple Threat for the US Title
Winner: Jay Cred

20 Man Over-the-Fence Bash
-Winner becomes the #1 Contender for the U Title
Winner: Death

Peachez(c) vs Sebastien Dark
-Canadian Style Match for the IC Title
Winner: Peachez

P.S. Everything looks so badass on tape, nice job guys
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[30 Jan 2006|06:06pm]

Seeing as how New Year's Bash, scheduled for yesterday, was cancelled Mental Mark & I rescheduled some events.

February 12th - New Year's Bash
February 26th - Hell's Gate

Thank you for your time,
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Results of 01/15/06 [15 Jan 2006|05:58pm]

Death(C) vs Jerrmy Krutch for the HC title
Winner = Death

Ethan vs Blaze for a spot in the 6man elimination later on
Winner = Blaze

J Cred/Cra-Z Carl vs Mental Mark/Chubzilla
Winners = Mental Mark/Chubzilla

Mike Morey vs Deranged vs Dan Krutch vs Peachez vs Blaze vs Sebastien Dark for the last spot in the Bash
Order of elimination:
1st Dan Krutch
2nd Blaze
3rd Peachez
4th Deranged
5th Sebastien Dark
Mike Morey gave the last spot to Sebastien Dark so...
Winner = Mike Morey
Last man in the Bash = Sebastien Dark
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Dark night of my soul [09 Jan 2006|05:28pm]


Hey HFW,

Once again for those who forgot, this is Richard from the RWF in Monroe, MI.  Just to let you know, my friend Joel (Icepac) and I are still interested in the operations of your league, and we both hope to strike a deal to work together for this 2006 season.  For the past couple of months ending with our last show on October 30, 2005, Joel and I have been busy with a cumbersome school schedule and burdened by cold weather and financial poorness.  In addition to that, the RWF went on a hiatus during the months of November and December, because Joel was having family problems that led to him moving out.  He has no internet at this time, but he and I got together to discuss our upcoming season.  We have moved our operations from Lincoln Park back to Monroe, since our Lincoln Park arena was in the backyard of the place that Joel no longer lives. 


We have planned our first show, Reign of Tyranny (tentative title), for the first week in May, and we plan to perform our shows at least once a month until the end of the year.  By saying that, we still have the prospect of traveling to one of your shows and vice versa.  This month may not be good for me, as I’m going to be out of town on the 15th, and Sunday’s are really looking to be a bad day for me for awhile concerning preexisting plans.  But, as weather warms up, and I lose the desire to go to school for this semester, I plan to have a lot of free time.  Which reminds me, do you do all your shows on a Sunday?  I keep in touch regularly with Peaches through AOL, and we continue to update each other on our leagues and information therein.  In regards to that, our next show isn’t until May, but planning has already begun in order to make this show our best one.  Information (and an awesome layout by me) on our next show can be seen on our Upcoming Events page, to the music of Fear Factory’s “Timelessness.”  It also features a collage of historical tyrants, all relating to Commissioner Flint and his takeover of the federation.  I have been working extensively in my little free time to further update the site and its bio-pages. 


I look forward to the new season. 



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January 15, 2006 [08 Jan 2006|07:35pm]

6 Man Elimination Match - The winner will be the last entrant in the New Years Bash on the 29th.
Mental Mark/Chubzilla vs. J Cred/Cra-Z Carl
Akuma vs. BadMan
Death vs. Jeremy Krutch

Will some of our debuters who are scheduled to compete in this years Bash, show up on the 15th to get a preview of what they're getting into on the 29th? Find out by attending the January 15h edition of Mentals Heat/Moreys Mayhem. For more info go to the HFW website's contact page.
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